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My Account Dashboard, designed for an intuitive and user-friendly experience, allows you to easily update your profile information, including your name, contact details, and even shipping and billing addresses. This ensures your account stays current and your orders are processed smoothly. Additionally, you can manage your subscription plan from the dashboard, giving you complete control over your service options.

Accessing Your Account:

Login Options:

  • From the Header: You can easily log into your account by clicking the Login button located in the header of our website.
  • Direct URL: Alternatively, you can log in by visiting the direct URL:

1. User Profile (Account Details)

Manage Your Personal Information:

  • Update Personal Information: Edit your name, email address, and password to keep your account details up to date.
  • Change Password: Ensure your account is secure by regularly updating your password.

2. Billing Address

Manage Billing Information:

  • Edit Billing Address: Keep your billing address current to ensure accurate billing and shipping.
  • Add New Address: You can add or update multiple billing addresses if necessary.

3. Subscriptions

Manage Your Subscriptions:

  • Subscription No.: Each subscription has a unique identifier number for easy reference.
  • Status: Check the current status of your subscriptions (Active, On Hold, Canceled).
  • Next Payment: View the date of your next scheduled payment to manage your finances effectively.
  • Total: See the total amount for each subscription.
  • View Button: Click the View button to see detailed information about each subscription, including past payments and upcoming renewals.

4. Payment Methods

Manage Payment Options:

  • Add New Payment Method: Add new credit cards or other payment methods to your account.
  • Edit Payment Methods: Update the details of your existing payment methods.
  • Remove Payment Methods: Safely remove any outdated or unused payment methods.

5. Logout

Securely Exit Your Account:

  • Logout: Click the Logout button to securely sign out of your account when you’re finished. This helps protect your personal information and ensures that no unauthorized users can access your account.
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Updated on June 23, 2024