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Basic Widgets

  1. Heading
    • Purpose: Add and style text headings.
    • Customization: Change the text, HTML tag, alignment, typography, color, and more.
  2. Image
    • Purpose: Add images to your page.
    • Customization: Upload images, add alt text, set alignment, add links, and adjust size.
  3. Text Editor
    • Purpose: Add and style paragraphs of text.
    • Customization: Use the visual or text editor to format text, add links, and style with HTML.
  4. Video
    • Purpose: Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted.
    • Customization: Set start and end times, autoplay, loop, and mute options.
  5. Button
    • Purpose: Add call-to-action buttons.
    • Customization: Change text, link, size, alignment, colors, typography, and hover effects.
  6. Divider
    • Purpose: Add horizontal dividers to separate content.
    • Customization: Adjust width, weight, color, and style (solid, double, dotted, dashed).
  7. Spacer
    • Purpose: Add spacing between elements.
    • Customization: Adjust the height of the spacer.
  8. Google Maps
    • Purpose: Embed Google Maps on your page.
    • Customization: Set the location, zoom level, and map height.
  9. Icon
    • Purpose: Add icons from the library.
    • Customization: Change icon, size, color, and add links.
  10. Image Box
    • Purpose: Add images with headings and text.
    • Customization: Style the image, heading, and text.
  11. Icon Box
    • Purpose: Add icons with headings and text.
    • Customization: Style the icon, heading, and text.
  12. Basic Gallery
    • Purpose: Add image galleries.
    • Customization: Choose layout (grid or masonry), set columns, spacing, and captions.
  13. Image Carousel
    • Purpose: Add image carousels/sliders.
    • Customization: Set image order, autoplay, slide duration, navigation, and pagination.
  14. Icon List
    • Purpose: Add lists with icons.
    • Customization: Customize each list item’s icon, text, and style.
  15. Counter
    • Purpose: Add animated number counters.
    • Customization: Set the starting and ending number, duration, prefix, and suffix.
  16. Progress Bar
    • Purpose: Add animated progress bars.
    • Customization: Set the percentage, color, and text.
  17. Testimonial
    • Purpose: Add customer testimonials.
    • Customization: Customize the image, name, title, and testimonial text.
  18. Tabs
    • Purpose: Add tabbed content sections.
    • Customization: Set tab titles and content, and style each tab.
  19. Accordion
    • Purpose: Add collapsible content sections.
    • Customization: Customize each item’s title and content.
  20. Toggle
    • Purpose: Add toggleable content sections.
    • Customization: Set the default state (open/closed) and customize each item’s title and content.
  21. Social Icons
    1. Purpose: Add social media icons with links.
    2. Customization: Choose icons, set links, and customize style.
  22. Alert
    • Purpose: Add alert boxes.
    • Customization: Set message type (info, success, warning, danger) and customize text and style.
  23. HTML
    • Purpose: Add custom HTML code.
    • Customization: Insert any HTML code and style with CSS.
  24. Shortcode
    1. Purpose: Add WordPress shortcodes.
    2. Customization: Insert shortcodes from plugins or themes.
  25. Menu Anchor
    • Purpose: Create anchor links for smooth scrolling.
    • Customization: Set the anchor ID to link from menus or other elements.
  26. Sidebar
    • Purpose: Add WordPress sidebars.
    • Customization: Select the sidebar to display and style its content.

Pro Widgets

  1. Posts
    • Purpose: Display a list of blog posts.
    • Customization: Choose layout (grid, list, masonry), filter posts by categories/tags, and style elements.
  2. Portfolio
    • Purpose: Display portfolio items.
    • Customization: Set layout, filter options, and style elements.
  3. Slides
    • Purpose: Add image and content sliders.
    • Customization: Set slide content, transition effects, and style each slide.
  4. Forms
    • Purpose: Add customizable forms.
    • Customization: Add fields (text, email, textarea, etc.), set actions (email, webhook), and style form elements.
  5. Price Table
    • Purpose: Add pricing tables.
    • Customization: Set pricing plans, features, and style each table.
  6. Price List
    • Purpose: Add a list of prices.
    • Customization: Customize items, descriptions, and price.
  7. Countdown
    • Purpose: Add countdown timers.
    • Customization: Set the countdown date/time, style the timer, and add call-to-action messages.
  8. Flip Box
    • Purpose: Add interactive flip boxes.
    • Customization: Set front and back content, flip effects, and style elements.
  9. Call to Action
    • Purpose: Add call-to-action boxes.
    • Customization: Set the message, button, and style elements.
  10. Media Carousel
    • Purpose: Add media carousels/sliders.
    • Customization: Set media items, transition effects, and style elements.
  11. Testimonial Carousel
    • Purpose: Add a carousel of testimonials.
    • Customization: Set testimonial items, transition effects, and style elements.
  12. Reviews
    • Purpose: Add customer reviews.
    • Customization: Customize review items, ratings, and style elements.
  13. Facebook Embed
    • Purpose: Embed Facebook posts, videos, and comments.
    • Customization: Set the Facebook URL and customize the display options.
  14. Blockquote
    • Purpose: Add styled blockquotes.
    • Customization: Set the quote text, author, and style elements.
  15. Menu Cart
    • Purpose: Add a WooCommerce cart icon to the menu.
    • Customization: Set the icon, cart content display, and style elements.
  16. Table of Contents
    • Purpose: Add a table of contents for easy navigation.
    • Customization: Set headings, enable smooth scroll, and style the TOC.
  17. Reviews Carousel
    • Purpose: Add a carousel of reviews.
    • Customization: Set review items, transition effects, and style elements.
  18. Share Buttons
    • Purpose: Add social sharing buttons.
    • Customization: Choose social networks, set button styles, and customize appearance.
  19. Login
    • Purpose: Add a login form.
    • Customization: Set the form fields, redirection options, and style elements.
  20. Animated Headline
    • Purpose: Add animated headlines.
    • Customization: Set the headline text, animation effect, and style elements.
  21. Nav Menu
    • Purpose: Add customizable navigation menus.
    • Customization: Select the menu, set layout and style, and add animations.
  22. Search Form
    • Purpose: Add a search form.
    • Customization: Set the form style, placeholder text, and button design.
  23. Site Logo
    • Purpose: Add the site logo.
    • Customization: Upload the logo, set size and alignment, and style elements.
  24. Site Title
    • Purpose: Display the site title.
    • Customization: Customize typography, color, and alignment.
  25. Site Tagline
    • Purpose: Display the site tagline.
    • Customization: Customize typography, color, and alignment.
  26. Page Title
    • Purpose: Display the page title.
    • Customization: Customize typography, color, and alignment.
  27. Author Box
    • Purpose: Display the author box.
    • Customization: Set the author info, avatar, and style elements.
  28. Post Info
    • Purpose: Display post information (author, date, categories).
    • Customization: Customize the display and style elements.
  29. Post Navigation
    • Purpose: Add post navigation links.
    • Customization: Set the previous/next post links and style elements.
  30. Post Comments
    • Purpose: Display post comments.
    • Customization: Customize the comments layout and style.
  31. Post Excerpt
    • Purpose: Display the post excerpt.
    • Customization: Set the excerpt length and style elements.
  32. Breadcrumbs
    • Purpose: Add breadcrumb navigation.
    • Customization: Set the breadcrumbs display and style elements.
  33. Products
    • Purpose: Display WooCommerce products.
    • Customization: Choose product layout, filter options, and style elements.
  34. Product Categories
    • Purpose: Display WooCommerce product categories.
    • Customization: Set category layout, filter options, and style elements.
  35. Product Archive
    • Purpose: Display a product archive.
    • Customization: Customize the layout and style of the product archive.
  36. Add to Cart
    • Purpose: Add an “Add to Cart” button.
    • Customization: Set the button style and display options.

Elementor’s wide range of basic and pro widgets empowers you to create highly customized and visually appealing web pages, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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